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Do you need help with English? Do you want to communicate clearly and demonstrate good grammar, spelling and at least a modicum of style?

Uni Students and businesses: get help writing essays and other documents. Have your work professionally edited before you hand it in or show it to the world.

You Need an Editor. International Students welcome.

  • Get help with papers and theses.
  • Editing available for all subject areas.
  • Perfect your grammar and writing style for top marks.
  • Help available via e-mail or in person. Reasonable rates.
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My work encompasses the following:

1) Correct words that, although spelled correctly, are the wrong word, e.g. effect/affect
2) Correct phrasing in body text
3) Check consistency between the task requirements and the finished assignment
4) Check the capitalisation of terms
5) Check consistency of punctuation and wording
6) Check sentences make sense
7) Apply Australian grammar and spelling rules (or Canadian, British or American, as you prefer)
8) Use style guide appropriate to subject area
9) Suggest formatting corrections/consistencies
10) Check that the text supports diagrams (if there are any)
11) Ask 'are the diagrams understandable?'
12) Check the document for readability and flow.
13) Check page numbering and cross referencing
14) Prepare/update contents list if required
15) Ensure logical structure and flow of information
16) Check and standardise different levels of heading throughout
17) Add notes and comments where suggestions could be made.

Generally, students e-mail me their work and pay up front via internet banking. Then I edit their work and return it to them by e-mail with detailed comments (I use the "track changes" functions in Word so that you can see the changes I've made as well as my comments). If you have any questions about what I have done, I am happy to talk to you about it by phone or e-mail. You will find that my prices are considerably less than the competition and I guarantee the quality of my work.

Paege is a qualified, experienced and dedicated editor. Academic Background:
1. Bachelor of Arts (Honours English)
2. Master of Arts (English Literature)
3. Bachelor of Education (Secondary English, History)

Registered secondary teacher, specialising in Senior English and ESL (English as a Second Language).

Reasonable rates and flexible turnaround time. Quality guaranteed.